My Grandmother’s Works of Art

I have a box under my bed in which I keep treasures. That’s what all girls do, right? πŸ™‚ And that box contains all kinds of treasures – Meda’s first toy and collar, my firsts (and only) novel never published, and some more stuff. But what I wanted to share with you are some things my Grandmother made, and since she died several years ago, I’m even more attached to them. It’s a pair of knitted socks, as I like to call them “Serbian style”. She knitted them when she was a young girl, I think at the time of the Second World War.

Beautiful needlework:

There’s still some basil inside to keep the moths off:

I also have a doily she crocheted. It’s made of silk, which my Grandmother and her Grandmother used to get from silk bugs. So, this piece has even more family history to it.

I’ve stiffened it with starch, and I have a beautiful round frame to put it in, so it’s going to be hanged on my bedroom wall and admired every day.

I like to think I inherited some of her talent for making beautiful things. I feel like her work still lives through mine, and that gives me some comfort. I miss her so much.

6 thoughts on “My Grandmother’s Works of Art

  1. Sonja – These pieces are beautiful – They have such history attached to them – I am so happy you decided to share them – Sometimes the items that we hand down from generation to generation hold the most inspiration – I know she lives through you, I can feel it πŸ™‚

  2. These are truly special treasures! How beautiful both the socks and the doily are. I’m sure your grandmother and great grandmother are thrilled that they have passed along to someone who know how truly special they are. It appears that you certainly have inherited their creative genes! I’m sure they’re ‘up there’ smiling at you!

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