A new purse

I have to buy a new camera! None of the photos I took shows the colors on this purse as they are. This is off white handwoven fabric with navy blue stripes, painted with grey / blue here and there, stitched with lime green and navy blue thread, and it has a navy blue felted heart which looks black in this photo! But, here it is anyway 🙂

4 thoughts on “A new purse

  1. Sonja – What can I say? I LOVE IT … I am sorry that your camera is not showing the colors you were hoping for … Try turning the flash off … If you are not already doing that … This may be your answer … Hoping you had a fruitful and creative day! Soul Sister Hugs!

  2. Thanks K! I think the problem is in my camera, because I photographed without the flash, and it wasn’t good. With the flash is even worse! To be honest, I have a pretty simple camera. It’s time to save some money, but first Sizzix, and camera later, LOL
    Thank you for the advice, you know so much about photography, I’m just a beginner. 🙂 Soul Sister Hugs! 🙂

  3. It is wonderful as always Sonja I can just see the green I think. I have they same problem with photos I never seem to have the right light. By the way thank you for all the wonderful and encouraging comments on my blog it is very kind of you and your English is perfect.
    I have just mentioned you and put a link to your blog I hope you do not mind.

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