My ATC cards

I am very excited! My ATC’s are finished! Recently I’ve joined  “Milliande Art Community for Women” , and it is such a wonderful place for ladies all over the world to share their art, make new friends, share ideas, and of course, to swap ATC cards! Well, I probably sound funny, but this is my second swap, and I’m having so much fun and I’m so excited! The theme for the first swap was “Blue Bird of Happiness” and it was hosted by wonderful and so creative Mary , you can find her at . It was such a nice theme, and blue is one of my favorite colors – as you all know by now, so I just had to join the fun. But crazy me, forgot to take the photo of my cards, so I had to steal one from Mary, I hope she doesn’t mind 🙂

I’ve used paint, inks and stamping, decoupaged a bit, stitched a little, and there were my first ATCs! But what other ladies did is just amazing! I just love their cards! If I had to choose which ones I would like to get, I really wouldn’t know! They are all so wonderful!

The second swap I’ve joined is hosted by lovely Monika - , and you should see her work, it’s awesome! The theme is “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, and to be honest, I had to think well before I started making cards. It was so interesting for me to see my self thinking about one thing, and then, when I started making them, they actually came out completely different from what I wanted to do at first, but they came out right! It was fun to see how my ideas transformed in the process, that is a bit new to me. Well, it’s not new when it comes to weaving, but in this case it is. I know I must sound childish now, but I wanted to join ATC swap for a long time, and now that I finally did, it’s – as I said a million times – so much fun!!! But, to stop my self from talking, and thinking how to write all that in English, and of course bore everyone to death, here are my cards:

I painted, decoupaged, added some puff paint and shimmer, collaged, and I’m happy!

Now, the fun never stops, so I have one more batch to finish, it’s for “Unusual shaped ATC’s” swap hosted by Helen Goulty, a lovely lady who makes great art, but I can’t find her blog – sorry Helen. I’ll have to ask her to send me the link. But you can find her at Milliande’s. I’m still working on these, so photos another time.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “My ATC cards

  1. Sonja, I just found your blog, your creations are so beautiful!! I can’t wait to see your ATCs in person!:-) Thank you also for your lovely comments on my blog and for following. I have just joined yours as well. Have a wonderful and creative weekend! xoxo

  2. I love your ATCs. Aren’t those little tiny bits of art fun to do? I belong to a local ATC swapping group and we meet once a month. It is always amazing to me what everyone comes up with. I’ll be back to check out your blog more. It looks like lots of fun.

  3. Sonja – I have no idea how I missed this post – But I am writing back to you now – I absolutely LOVE your ATC’s … They are beautiful … I have never tried my hand at these, but I think I would like to … I need to introduce myself on Millande’s Community … I believe I got approval awhile ago and then I never got around to posting … I will look into this tomorrow … For Sure … I need to meet all these incredible women!

  4. Thank you Kristine! Yes, I think you should post your photos on Milliande’s, it’s a great place to share art and meet new people. And maybe try making ATC’s 🙂 It’s a great fun!

  5. You are quite welcome, Sonja – Everything you make has your signature on it – Love your work – I just cannot say it enough … Yes, I would love to connect with others on Milliande’s … Thanks again for the invite …

  6. You seem to be gaining more and more posts – How are you bringing people to your blog, Sonja? Is it through Milliande’s? I need new members … I am hoping that people are reading it, but just not posting … You inspire me!

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