4 thoughts on “Just photos

  1. Good Morning, Sonja ~ What a great post ~ No reason to write at all, the pictures speak for themselves ~ I love “Just the Rain”, Love “your hand” outstretched, a delicious meal, the beautiful lilly, the light colored flowers, the rocks, and the rocks with the hidden letter (love the mystery in this one – Wondering if it is a Love Letter – Or just a note someone dropped without knowing) … The last photo is interesting to me … Love the texture, the clay feel – Can I ask what it is? I have to tell you that I adore your handmade hearts – Well, as you know we both have a soft spot for anything “Heart” related – Just beautifully made, love the colors etc … Love your creativity!

  2. Thank you so much K! I was just playing with my camera, shooting “every day things”. The last photo you’re asking about is actually a mortar and brick, broken in half (it was something like a pole – structure) and it really looks interesting. And the piece of paper left out in the rain is from a history school book, and it’s adorable, kinda pressed into the pebbles. I am glad you liked it 🙂

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