Not the same

Here are my new purses, similar, but not the same. Do I have to say I love them? 🙂

They are made out of the same handwoven cotton fabric, black at first but then bleached randomly, which produced an interesting pattern. The thread on one purse is more red, and on the other is more light green, so now I have two very unique pieces. I even sacrificed a piece of fabric for the flowers, and I’m very satisfied how they turned out. But the best thing is that this fabric was woven a long time ago, and even though I had an idea at the time what I wanted to do with it, by the time it was finished, I changed my mind and just left it in the closet. Sometimes that happens to me – the inspiration just leaves me at the end of the weaving process, but I’ve learned not to worry about that. I put away the woven piece for some other time and some other idea. And this is one good example of how a good idea can turn into even better one! I am having so much fun with this cloth, it’s amazing! Even the “dangerous bleach play” was done before, and all I have to do now is to play again, but this time with thread! How cool is that! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and play some more 🙂 Happy crafting everyone!

4 thoughts on “Not the same

  1. Sonja ~ Where do I begin? I guess I have to say first and foremost that I LOVE them both ~ I love the colors, I like the different pieces, I love adornments … I think I like every piece you have ever created – There is never a bad one – You are a True Creative! And I am proud to call you my friend!

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