Now something white!

I’ve finished my colorful scarf, started making another one, went to the doctor’s to take the stitches out ( I’ve had a minor surgery, got rid of two birthmarks ten days ago ),  and then it was time for me to relax! So, here is the product of my relaxation:

I made this heart with some cotton fabric, then stuffed it with some yarn – I didn’t have anything else to put inside :), and embellished it with these beautiful little doilies my grandmother made, and then added some flowers and buttons. So, since my grandmother is no longer with us, this heart is a little reminder, and something I made for both her and me. She was very good in sewing, knitting, crocheting, and a great cook. So, this little piece is connecting her work with mine. That way I feel closer to her.


There is something new on my loom, and the colors are awesome!!! I love them! Here is a peek:

Lovely colors! I feel happy just looking at them! It’s viscose and cotton blend, and it’s going to be a great scarf / shawl for all seasons. And, the navy blue one is finished, but it has been washed, so photos of it later!

And here are some photos I took just for fun:

The box of tags…

Hearts, of course…

And that’s it for now! I’m off to do something crafty and colorful! 🙂