Weaving and sewing

Hi there! Here I am with something new! The fun never stops! Instead of relaxing by the river (which I can see from my window), or reading a good book, or whatever people do on weekends, I was making these beauties! I have woven some nice -off white -cotton with a bit of dark blue, and after I’ve finished it, all I could see were purses! My new passion. I started making them about ten days ago, and now I can’t stop. But it is fun! Well, it’s a lot of work actually, but I love doing what I do, so for me it’s always fun.

I know, my photos are terrible, and I should have stuffed the purses just to show how nice they look with something inside, but I was in a hurry to capture some sunshine because we are going to have thunder storm here ( I can hear it coming right now ). Maybe now I could take a break with a good book… The Clash of Kings – that’s the book!

2 thoughts on “Weaving and sewing

  1. Sonja ~ I LOVE the new purses ~ How will you ever sell to anyone else if I want everything you make? Lovely – Just adorable – Love, love, love them – I also noticed you changed your background on your blog – Love the colors that are incorporated … All my favorite Fall Colors … Keep up the amazing work … Always look forward to seeing what you create next … You were a true find – In a friend 🙂

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