Blue and more blue

I’m in a blue phase again. I always say that my favorite color is violet, but now, when I think about it, it seems that my favorite color is blue! It’s everywhere – in my weaving, in my books and journals, and now my new scrapbook album. Also, when I looked at my paint brushes the other day, guess what: they all had a bit of blue paint on them! So, now it’s official! Blue is my favorite color! And here it is:

The album:

A new purse:

And another purse:

A tag:

Detail from my desk:

A piece of glass underneath the jar was actually taken out of the picture frame because I used the frame for some project and thought of tossing the glass.But then I thought of keeping it to paint on it, because it can be washed. And, it’s time to be washed again, but I love how it looks, all covered in paint, and the one that stands out the most – is blue! I even have some more stuff to show you, but I haven’t taken the photos yet, so next time – more blue.

3 thoughts on “Blue and more blue

  1. Love, love, love, love the scrapbook journal & the purses – Did I mention I have a “thing” for purses – I have a purse in many different colors – A denim clutch purse – This is something to think about … Love the look … Perfect with a nice casual outfit … Wow … You just continue to amaze me … I am getting a Wish List together of things you make … Love them all … PS – Now, I know what your profile pic is – The paint backdrop of your tools and the heart just makes it complete … Love that photo! Keep sharing … Love to see your posts come through!

  2. Oh, I also love the bookmark … Love different bookmarks, also … I am dying over the first purse … I am wondering how much you would charge for that purse … We can talk about it … Perhaps it could be part of our “next swap” … Just a thought … Would you like me to write you a poem about something? Or make you a stationery card with one of my photos? I am trying to think of things I could do for you – Something you would like … Let’s chat!

  3. Thank you so much Kristine for all your kind words! You are such a great friend, so supportive! It means a lot!!! I am glad you like my work; as you know, I put all my heart and soul into it. I will mail you about all those things you asked me. Thanks again and again! 🙂

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