Another one

I am so behind with photos of my work. And these are not good at all, but that’s what I have right now. There is a lot more done but not photographed, and it will have to wait some other day, today I’m just tired. So here’s the scarf:

This photo above doesn’t show how white and shimmery and beautiful it is, but let’s try with this one:

Or maybe this one:

I’ll have to take another photos, that’s for sure.

But look at these! The first one was eaten today ( the dessert, I mean ), and the second a few days ago. They have nothing to do with weaving, but who cares! 😉

I’m better with sweets than photography! Oooooh, I want more 😉

2 thoughts on “Another one

  1. Hi Sonja ~ I have to say you continue to amaze me ~ I am not a “White person” (more beige than white) but you are slowly turning me into a bright while gal 🙂

    Your work is just lovely – Can you imagine this gorgeous scarf with a pair of jeans and a colorful shirt underneath? Breathtaking …

    Your breakfast and snacks looks so delicious – They are making my mouth water …

    Not only a designer, but a singer, cook, and dear friend – Is there anything you do not do – well ????

    Continue to be YOU … Because it is your “Best Self”.

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