New scarves

I love days like this! First of all, I’ve finished my scarves, and here are photos of them:

This one is special to me, because I used a friend’s photograph as an inspiration. It isKristine’s photograph, and you can find her at . She is a lovely lady, very talented! The photo I used as inspiration is  Aruba beach, and here is the link : ( I don’t know if these links will be shown as links, I’m still learning how to use these things :). I loved the photo so much, I had to make something with those colors. And here is what I made – the pattern is called “Wall of Troy”, and for me it’s even a perfect name (don’t ask why, I just feel like it) 🙂

The second one is a navy blue shawl, very light with just a bit of shimmer. It would go nicely with any type of garment.

And the third one is a colorful scarf / shawl, so beautiful, also with a little bit of shimmer, I can see it with a white dress on a summer evening…Oh, I could just keep it for my self!

And another nice thing about today is that I have been to the book fair with my husband, and I found several books at a very low price! Some are new and some are used, but that doesn’t matter because I even prefer old books. They have a piece of someone’s life attached to them, and for me that is so interesting. I love reading, I love entering into new and unfamiliar worlds, not knowing what to expect. Books are my friends, they are a door to dreams…I like almost every genre, as long as the story “flows”. I have many books in my home, maybe too many, but there are some that I love going back to, like “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and also my ABSOLUTE favorite Manda Scott’s “Boudica”. But, I’ve got carried away. No more about books, or I should start a new blog 🙂

These are mine:

I started making another scarf, beauuutiful white one, but before I start weaving, I’m gonna go through a few pages, just to see what’s waiting for me in one of my new friends 🙂

One thought on “New scarves

  1. Hi Sonja ~ I really do not know how I can thank you for mentioning me in your Blog Post … I am so glad I am an inspiration for your work … I hope I can continue to do this for you – Going forward … Your work is just lovely … I am glad we became friends and I hope we have a friendship for a long time to come!

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