Weaving navy blue

Still not finished, but here is what I’m using for new shawl / wrap. Navy blue cotton, navy blue and a touch of white in cotton / acrylic mix, and a bit of silver…It’s going to be really nice!

I find inspiration everywhere –  in some photograph, or in nature, but mostly I find inspiration looking at my yarn. That’s why I hoard it! I usually sit in front of the shelf where I keep the yarn, and just look at it, letting it talk to me. Sometimes it talks seriously, sometimes more playfully, but it’s always a “talk”, and that’s the way I like to work. ( And that’s how I sometimes figure out what type of yarn I need to buy. But when I go to buy it, I always come home with more than I planned ). But, when I think about it, it’s not just “talking to yarn” that inspires me, it’s certainly everything around me that leaves an imprint on my mind. It could be nature, a person, something I saw on TV that actually has nothing to do with weaving, etc. It is strange how we get an inspiration, and how (sometimes) we actually don’t know where it came from! And for me, that’s the beauty of creating any art form.

And, I would like to say more on that subject, but because I’m writing in English I am constricted. 🙂 It’s hard enough to express feelings in my own language! 🙂

So, my blue shawl may not be something super extravagant, but it’s going to be pretty, and most of all, made by me, with love, and unique. It is something I wanted to make, simple and elegant.

2 thoughts on “Weaving navy blue

  1. Sonja ~ You are using some of my favorite colors ~ How could I not love this scarf? Just beautiful … Thank you for showing us how the weave “actually” looks – Interesting! Best of luck, My Dear Friend – I cannot wait to see the finished product … Burgundy with colors would also be very pretty … Just a thought … (I love the dark colors, as you know!) …

  2. Yes Kristine, I know it’s one of your favorite colors! And, as I started weaving, I remembered that, so I was thinking about you through the process. How nice! We are all connected all the time! 🙂 Maybe a part of my mind used that as an inspiration!? 🙂

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