Pink scarf and red journal cover.

I finally took some photos. I really don’t like doing that because it takes a lot of time – photographing, then picking nice photos,  uploading them… Yes, it’s not hard or complicated, but it just takes me a lot of time which I would rather spend doing something else, for instance, choosing colors for a new scarf or poncho! But, it has to be done, so I’ve done it! And here is my new scarf ( who said the spring is here??? ) and I finished the cover for my new fabric journal / scrapbook. I plan to make it a mix between the two. We’ll see how it turns out. But I just love how it looks right now! Lovely color, so rich and saturated! But, first the scarf:

And here is the journal cover:

Pictures are a bit dark because it’s evening time and the light in my studio is terrible, but I think the texture is visible… Now,  more work! 🙂

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