Finaly some pictures!

Well, this has been a tough week.  My dog has been sick and I was so scared for him! But now he is better and I finally managed to take some photos of my new journals – notebooks. And I made a new album. So here they are!

Yes, I know, I’m completely mad…about hearts.

There are more pictures of my madness on my Facebook page 🙂

Dakle, posle nedelju dana stresa oko mog psa, evo napokon slika novih radova. Meda je bio jako bolestan, sto je mene potpuno izbacilo iz koloseka – kao i obicno, ali sada je bolje, tako da sam uspela da fotografisem neke nove stvari. I eto ih – dnevnici i jedan scrapbook spomenar. Vise slika ima na mom FB profilu.

4 thoughts on “Finaly some pictures!

    • Oh Kristine, you always have nice words for me! Thank you! And you know how it is when our pets (well, for me more like kids) are not feeling well – it is so sad to see them suffer! But all is better now. Thank you again my friend!: )

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