My art on my wall.

Finally I framed it and put it on the wall! And it looks nice, at least to me. These two are my first mix media pieces, made with  handwoven (by me) cloth, lace, hearts made of  handmade (by me again) paper which I inked, hand sewn, with metal objects and some found objects. And the sewing tape is my grandmothers sewing tape. She died couple of years ago, so it adds more emotions to the piece. I am new to this kind of art, but these I like and I guess that is all that matters.

Na slikama se ne vide detalji, ali ovo su moje mix media slike napokon okacene na zid. Napravljene su od rucno tkanog materijala, rucno pravljenog papira, metalnih predmeta, cipke, itd. Moji prvenci na ovom polju, i svidjaju mi se! (Malkice detaljnije slike nalaze se na mom profilu na fejsbuku). Jupi!

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